TOGA-COARE集中観測期間中のパプアニューギニア, マヌス島における雲群の構造に関するドップラーレーダー観測 : 観測の概要 Doppler Radar Observations on the Structure and Characteristics of Tropicla Clouds during the TOGA-COARE IOP in Manus, Papua New Guinea -Outline of the Observation-

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Observations of tropical convection and cloud clusters with two X-band Doppler radars were carried out on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea for two and a half months from 12 November 1992 during the Intensive Observation Period (IOP) of the TOGA-COARE. Several different types of clouds were observed by Doppler radars during the period, such as squall lines, convective clouds and stratiform clouds associated with cloud clusters, isolated convective clouds over the island in the day time, etc. Outlines of the observations on Manus Island and brief reviews of the results of these observations are described. Preliminary summaries of the analyses on the observations are : 1) A warm rain process dominates at the beginning stage of radar echo development and the maximum radar reflectivity is recognized at this stage, 2) The maximum echo top height is observed within 3 hours from the first echo, 3) The maximum echo area within the radar range was analyzed a few to several hours later than the time of maximum echo top height corresponding to the size of cloud cluster, 4) In the long-lasting stratiform echo, updrafts independent from those below the melting layer were identified above the melting layer. It is concluded that further studies utilizing these observational data may reveal the structure and the evolution mechanism of tropical cloud clusters.


  • Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan 73(2), 415-426, 1995-06-01

    Meteorogical Society of Japan

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