Proposal of an Extension of Negentropy by Kullback-Leibler Information : 1st Report, Definition and Exergy





Although negentropy had been defined as an entropy with an inverse sign, it was not appropriate for some purposed. and so the author previously proposed a definition by the difference between entropies. This definition is based on an isolated system, and in order to apply the concept of negentropy to a system under the general situation, the definition must be changed again. The present report proposes a definition by Kullback-Leibler information, and shows that an extended negentropy according to the new definition is positive and represents the nonequilibrium and the potential of work, as was shown with the case of negentropy before extension. Further, it is shown that exergy is derived form the above definition by Kullback-Leibler information making use of the statistical mechanics. The extended negentropy contains as a part of itself the concept before extension, which is based on an isolated system.


  • Bulletin of JSME

    Bulletin of JSME 28(246), 2960-2967, 1985