X-Ray Stress Measurement on the Cementite Phase in Steels

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Since cementite particles have great influence upon the mechanical properties of the steel, it is very important to know internal stresses on the cementite phase. The cementite diffraction lines available to stress measurement are too weak and exist in low angle region, so that a new measuring system (Lucas method) must be adopted. X-ray elastic constants of the cementite (121) plane were measured on a high carbon (1.4 wt. per cent) tool steel containing spheroidal cementite particles. After tensile plastic deformation, it was detected that tensile residual stresses in the cementite phase and compression in the ferrite phase were generated. During the first few per cent of plastic deformation, residual stresses in the cementite phase rapidly increased and were balanced by the stresses of the opposit sign in the ferrite phase. According to the broadness of diffraction lines, deformation of the ferrite phase advances more rapidly than the cementite phase, and a remarkable dependency of the reflecting plane was observed in the early stage of the deformation.


  • Bulletin of JSME

    Bulletin of JSME 12(53), 931-939, 1969

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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