F-1129 角速度センサを用いた地中埋設杭の損傷検知システム(J26-2 ヘルスモニタリング(2))(J26 機械・構造物のヘルスモニタリング)  [in Japanese] F-1129 Damage detection system of laid piles under the ground by using angular velocity sensor  [in Japanese]

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The laid piles under the ground are damaged in an earthquake. Since it is difficult to install a sensor at a pile, we cannot detect whether the piles are cracked or not. The pile is excited by the elastic wave from the ground surface and then bending deformation of it is occurred. Therefore, installing an angular velocity sensor on top of the pile, we can detect whether the pile is cracked or not by measuring the angular velocity of it. In this study, the experiment in the air and the simulation is conducted as a basic study. From these results, it is clear that the difference of bending strain is applicable to the damage detection of the laid piles.


  • The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting

    The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting VI.01.1(0), 239-240, 2001

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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