F-1209 短下肢装具における継手粘性調節システムの検討(J27-2 バイオメカトロニクス・バイオロボットの要素技術・理論とシステム化技術(2))(J27 バイオメカトロニクス・バイオロボットの要素技術・理論とシステム化技術)  [in Japanese] F-1209 Joint Viscosity Design of Ankle Foot Orthosis  [in Japanese]

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In this article, we examined the plantar flexion moment of hemiparetic patients as an important biomechanical index for design of ankle foot orthosis (AFO) from the viewpoint of ankle joint viscosity. Spastic ankle joint moment was measured with ankle joint angle by using a setup having single degree of freedom motion for dorsal-planter flexion axis with a torque transducer and a potentiometer. The observed spastic plantar flexion moments of a patient scattered largely depending on angular velocity of ankle joint motion. The rigidity under higher angular velocity exhibited much deviation of 45% in the maximum moment. Based on the measured spastic moment, switching viscosity was considered for at AFO joint to realize smooth gait motion for the subject preventing plantar flexion during swing phase and allowing it at the initial stance phase.


  • The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting

    The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting VI.01.1(0), 261-262, 2001

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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