A225 NASDA における熱流体試験設備の建設  [in Japanese] Construction of thermo-fluid experiment facility in NASDA  [in Japanese]

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NASDA has studied two-phase fluid loop applicable for macro-gravity circumstance in order to examine technological performance in space development. Present status of thermo-fluid experimental laboratory in NASDA is described in this paper. High purity ammonia supplying system is settled and run on in the laboratory. Ammonia is excellent coolant for space use coolant because of its temperature range and bigger latent heat. Hence, research and development of two-phase fluid loop systems is essential in order to achieve large quantity of heat transfer and control. The construction and the result from the test of an ammonia supply system is mentioned with a few unexpected phenomena. Efforts have been made so as to increase the capacity to handle not only the condensation but also the exhaust of ammonia in the laboratory


  • Proceedings of thermal engineering conference

    Proceedings of thermal engineering conference 2002(0), 299-300, 2002

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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