D213 微小固体熱物性測定用高速赤外放射温度計の開発  [in Japanese] Development of High-Speed Infrared Radiation Thermometers for Measurement of Small Sized Solids  [in Japanese]

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We have developed high-speed infrared radiation thermometry techniques to detect temperature change of specimen surfaces in pulsed heating methods or periodic heating methods for measuring thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of solids. Single- and multi-target radiation thermometers have been constructed with one or five InSb sensing elements cooled by liquid nitrogen, which are operated in dc-mode. Calibrations for the temperature scale of InSb thermometers have been made for the range from o℃ up to 200℃ within the accuracy of 0.2 K. Photovoltaic HgCdTe (MCT) thermometers also have been developed for near or sub-ambient temperature for periodic heating methods. The time response measured is fast enough above 1 MHz.


  • Proceedings of thermal engineering conference

    Proceedings of thermal engineering conference 2002(0), 409-410, 2002

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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