E215 炭素固定化制御燃焼法によるカーボンナノ物質の生成  [in Japanese] Production of Carbon Nano-materials by Carbon Solidification Combustion  [in Japanese]

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An experimental study has been made on the carbon nano-materials formation of laminar, luminous premixed flame at atmospheric pressure. By installing a pair of porous media at the upstream and downstream sides of the combustion space, excess enthalpy burning was applied for the methane/air mixture. Fe/Mo catalyst was placed on a Ni porous medium that was inserted in the combustion space. The reaction was performed for the desired reaction time. The flow was then switched to N_2 and the combustor was cooled to room temperature. As a result, carbon nanotubes were formed in this sooting flames.


  • Proceedings of thermal engineering conference

    Proceedings of thermal engineering conference 2002(0), 451-452, 2002

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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