FTTH網を使ったデジタルビデオ多地点会議用中継器の実装に関する検討  [in Japanese] An Implementation Study of a Repeater for Digital Video Multi-points Teleconferencing over FTTH Internet Access Services  [in Japanese]

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デジタルビデオ(DV)方式の動画像ストリーミングを、一般のInternet 回線で実現するために行ったパケットロス対策、およびその対策を組み込んだ多地点間ビデオ会議用中継器について述べている。従来の方法では、バースト的にパケットを送信していたことに起因する、Internet 回線内でのバースト的なパケット欠落が問題であった。本稿ではソフトウェア的にパケットの送出間隔を平滑化すれば、汎用OS 下のPC でも、バースト的なパケット欠落を大幅に減少できることを示している。またアナログ的に画面合成を行う従来のDV 多地点会議用中継器は、A/D 変換に伴う遅延時間やハードウェアが大規模になることが問題であったが、本研究ではアナログ変換することなくかつPC 1台で実現する方法を提案し、その実装結果を示している。The present technical and operational measures concerning making, preservation and use of digital documents are required to prepare for the legal of digital documents. We propose that an application of digital sanitizing scheme as one of the technical measures.The digital sanitizing scheme enables us to verify the integrity of partially sanitized document. In this paper, we adjust the requirements for making, preservation and use of digital documents and propose an application of digital sanitizing scheme to meet the requirements for integrity and flexibility demand.

In this paper, an implementation method of a repeater for Digital Video (DV) multi-points teleconferencing over FTTH (Fiber To The Home) Internet access services is studied. One of the problems in the conventional DV streaming method was the serious number of packet-losses. This paper shows that the burst packet-transmission caused the problem. By the proposing software method of smoothing the packet intervals, the probability of the burst packet-loss decreased effectively even when PCs working under general propose OS transmitted the packets. The conventional repeater had another problem, which was the long delay time due to the analog to digital conversion for multi-window display processing. The proposed repeater selected automatically the speaker's picture which should be relayed, instead of multi-window displaying, so that the required delay time could be reduced.


  • IPSJ SIG Notes

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2005(33(2004-DPS-122)), 253-258, 2005-03-23

    Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)

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