Principle of Superposition for Realizing Dexterous Pinching Motions of a Pair of Robot Fingers with Soft-Tips




This paper is concerned with analysis of nonlinear dynamics under geometric constraints that express pinching motions of a pair of multi-degrees of freedom fingers with soft tips. The dynamics of such a pair of soft fingers can be expressed by a set of complicated nonlinear differential equations with algebraic constraints, even if the motion is constrained in a plane. However, it is shown from the passivity analysis that dynamic stable grasping (pinching) can be realized by means of a feedforward input of desired internal force with coefficients composed of elements of Jacobian matrices plus a feedback of the difference between moments of rotation exerted at both sides of the object. It is shown in the case of a pair of 2 d.o.f. and 3 d.o.f. fingers (corresponding to a pair of thumb and index fingers) that a principle of linear superposition is applicable to design of additional feedback signals for controlling simultaneously the posture (rotational angle) and position of the mss center of the object, though the dynamics are nonlinear. A sufficient condition for applicability of the principle of superposition is discussed and given as a condition for unique stationary resolution of the overall motion to elementary motions (stable grasping, rotation control, x and y coordinates control). The principle implies that a skilled motion can be resolved into some of elementary motions which human can learn separately and independently.


  • IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics, communications and computer sciences

    IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics, communications and computer sciences 84(1), 39-47, 2001-01-01


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