Optical Control on Ferrite Edge-Mode Isolator with Semiconductor

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    • KODERA Toshiro
    • Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, Osaka Institute of Technology


This paper introduces a new type of microwave isolator. The operation is based on the two phenomena; the ferrite edge-mode and the photo-generated plasma on silicon substrate. Conventional ferrite edge-mode isolator has been made of the fertile and the resistive material. The later is used to absorb the reverse-propagating wave of the isolator. An inadequate choice of the resistive body leads to the imperfect absorption; the isolation ratio decreases. In this paper, the isolation-variable isolator is introduced by using this change of isolation. The control is realized by the change of the surface resistance on the silicon. On this isolator, the frequency response is investigated both experimentally and numerically. The numerical analysis is conducted by FDTD method. The experimentis carried out on the prototype isolator. Both experimental and numerical results have shown that the isolation ratio can be controlled for 39dB at 12GHz by the irradiation.


  • IEICE Trans. Electron., C

    IEICE Trans. Electron., C 87(9), 1503-1509, 2004-09-01

    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

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