On End System Behavior for Explicit Forward Congestion Indication of ABR Service and Its Performance

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This paper investigates Available Bit Rate (ABR) traffic control based on the Explicit Forward Congestion Indication (EFCI). A flow control mechanism is specified for ABR service to control the source rate. Resource Management (RM) cells are used to convey feedback. A source sends a forward RM cell for at least every N cells sent. At the destination, a forward RM cell turns around as a backward RM cell and returns to the source. A data cell has EFCI-bit in its header field. A network element sets EFCI-bit if it is congested. A destination indicates congestion status of networks by using RM cells based on the value of the EFCI-bit of the data cells. A one-bit feedback scheme is used by the ATM Forum. However, indication schemes have also been proposed which use explicit indication of source rate based both on values of the EFCI-bit of data cells and on other information contained in a forward RM cell. We evaluated explicit indication schemes as well as a one-bit scheme by simulation. Simulation study showed explicit cell rate indication gives superior performance than one-bit indication especially for long round trip distances. In this paper, we report the results with brief discussion.


  • IEICE Trans. Commun.

    IEICE Trans. Commun. 79(4), 605-610, 1996-04-25

    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

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