Supplementary Note on the Fishes Collected in the Vicinity of Kochi-shi(IX) :




A supplementary list of 21 forms, referable to 16 families, of fishes secured off Prov. Tosa in Shikoku. The following 3 species seem to be new to science. 1. Chascanopsetta megastoma, n. sp. D.110; A. 86; P. 12; V. 6; C. 17; scales ca 130 Head as measured from tip of upper jaw 4.7 in length without caudal; depth 2.6; eye 3.9 in head;snout to anterior rim of upper eye 5.2. The species seems to belong to Pelecanichthys at a glance, but differs from the latter in having smaller mouth cleft, larger scales and no gular pouch. It is distinguishable from Chascanopsetta raptator (FRANZ), however, in having projecting jaws, larger mouth cleft and larger scales. 2. Neopercis flavofasciata, n. sp. B.5; D. II, 22; A. 17; P. 19; V. I, 5; C. 18; scales ca 58 Head 3.7 in length without caudal; depth 6.9; eye 3.9 in head; interorbital 7; snout 3.5; depth of caudal peduncle 2.9. The species is markedly distinguishable from other species of this genus in the following points:2 (instead of 5) spines in dorsal; lower jaw much included; posterior margin of preopercle serrated. 3. Glyptophidium japonicum, n. sp. B. 8; D. ca 130; A. ca 100; P. 25; V. 2; C. 10 Head 4.7 in length without caudal;depth 5.6; eye 3.5 in head; interorbital 3.2; snout 3.8. The species is closely allied to Glyptophidium lucidum SMITH & RADCLIFFE, but differs from the latter in having 2 (instead of 1) ventral rays, longer snout and larger pseudobranchiae.


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    動物学雑誌 48(6), 306-307, 1936



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