Two new Mallophaga from the large white-rumped swift Apus pacificus pacificus (LATHAM), 1801

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The Mallophagan genera Dennyus and Eureum, which infest only swifts or Apodi, are found on the large white-rumped swift, Apus pacificus pacificus (LATHAM) from Japan. The genus Dennyus from the Japanese swifts has been previously known by two species, Dennyus truncatus UCHIDA, 1926 (nec OLFERS, 1816) and Takamatsuia major UCHIDA, 1926 and recently I redescribe and figure the latter as a subgenus of Dennyus (see NAKAGAWA, 1959). The genus Eureum, which is extremely rare in collecting, is still an unknown genus from Japan. My best thanks are due to Drs. K. ASANUMA, S. UCHIDA and Prof. H. SAWADA for their guidance and encouragement. I am equally thankful to Mr. M. HASEGAWA and Dr. Th. CLAY for their generous help during the preparation of this paper. The material examined have been collected through the co-operation of Messrs. T. TAKADA and T. KAWAI. The specimen is in the author's collection.


  • Medical Entomology and Zoology

    Medical Entomology and Zoology 10(3), 164-168, 1959

    The Japan Society of Medical Entomology and Zoology


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