LES大規模計算による風車翼の流れと騒音予測 : 第1報, 単独翼実験データとの検証  [in Japanese] Wind Turbine Blade Flow and Noise Prediction by Large-Scale LES : 1st Report, Validation with Experimental Blade Flow Data  [in Japanese]

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The purpose of this research is to investigate the physical mechanisms associated with the tip vortex noise caused by rotating wind turbines. The present work describes the first part of the research, the direct noise simulation in the near field of a blade. The flow around a NACA0012 blade section at a Reynolds number of 2.87×10^6 is calculated using compressible LES. The simulated blade surface pressure distribution and pressure spectra peak agreed quantitatively with experimental measurements. The Earth Simulator allows simulations with up to 300 million grid points. As a result very small eddy scales are captured, leading to reduced SGS dependency and improved predictions of the noise spectra in the high frequency domain. The flow field and aerodynamic noise caused by a NACA0012 blade with a tip in an incident flow is simulated. Quantitative agreement is observed between the noise level of the acoustic field caused by the complex tip vortex structures and experimental measurements. The noise generation process associated with the tip vortex formation is simulated with high accuracy due to the fine grid employed. In the next step the simulation method will be applied to wind turbines operating at similarly high Reynolds numbers.


  • Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Series B.

    Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Series B. 71(701), 177-183, 2005-01-25

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

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