2110 PVAをマトリックス樹脂に用いたグリーンコンポジットの試作と特性評価(S23-1 新規グリーンコンポジットの開発,S23 グリーンコンポジットの最前線) 2110 Fabrication and Characteristic Evaluation of PVA-based "Green" Composites




This paper deals with the fabrication and the characteristic evaluation of "green" composites in which polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) was used as matrix resin. Bamboo fibers were used as reinforcement of these "green" composites. These composites were made by hot-pressing method. Firstly, it describes the comparison of water resistance of new water-soluble polymer and general PVA. The new water-soluble polymer has good water resistance. Next, the tensile properties of "green" composites molded at various temperature, pressure and fiber content. The molding temperature was changed every 10℃ from 140℃ to 170℃. The molding pressure was 30MPa and 60MPa. Fiber content was 25wt.%, 50wt.% and 75wt.%. The composites molded at 150℃, 30MPa showed the maximum tensile strength. Tensile strength and tensile modulus increased with increasing fiber content.


  • 年次大会講演論文集

    年次大会講演論文集 2005.1(0), 529-530, 2005

    一般社団法人 日本機械学会