3408 Matched Filter Theoryを用いた最悪突風応答解析(S87-2 飛翔体のモデリングとシステム同定(2),S87 飛翔体のモデリングとシステム同定)  [in Japanese] 3408 Worst Case Gust Response Analysis using Matched Filter Theory  [in Japanese]

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This paper shows a worst case gust response of a typical airfoil section with a control surface. Matched filter theory is employed in order to compute the worst case gust response. The result is compared with response by a 1-minus-cosine gust which is one of the standard representations of discrete gusts. It is found that the matched filter theory can directly obtain the worst case gust response. Meanwhile parametric study is needed to determine the maximum gust response by the 1-minus-cosine gust, which becomes smaller than the worst case gust response by the MFT.


  • The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting

    The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting 2005.5(0), 417-418, 2005

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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