A Revision of the Subgenus Evylaeus of the Genus Lasioglossum in Japan (Hymenoptera, Halictidae) Part I

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This paper presents a revisional study of the subgenus Evylaeus of the genus Lasioglossum in Japan. We propose a system of species-group classification based on Japanese Evylaeus as follows: 1) the carinate-Evylaeus superspecies-group is divided into five species-groups and two species-subgroups; 2) the carinaless-Evylaeus superspecies-group is divided into 11 species-groups and two species-subgroups. In this paper (Part I), the carinate-Evylaeus superspecies-group is treated. It contains 18 species. The specimens that have been misidentified as Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) vulsum (Vachal) in Japan are classified as L. (E.) hoffmanni (Strand). A lectotype is designated for L. (E.) hoffmanni. The male of L. (E.) naitoi Ebmer et Maeta is described for the first time. Seven species are recorded from the following localities for the first time: L. (E.) affine (Smith), L. (E.) apristum (Vachal), L. (E.) duplex (Dalla Torre), L. (E.) hoffmanni (Strand) and L. (E.) sibiriacum (Blüthgen) from South Korea; L. (E.) nipponense (Hirashima) from Taiwan; and L. (E.) percrassiceps (Cockerell) from South Korea and Taiwan. All of the Japanese species of the carinate-Evylaeus superspecies-group are re-described or provided with a supplementary description with photographs, illustrations and SEM photographs of important characters. Keys to both sexes of the Japanese species of this group are provided. Remarks and diagnoses on concerning taxonomy, geographical distribution, flight and flower records, social structure, and biological references for each species are given.



    ESAKIA (47), 169-254, 2007-10-31

    Kyushu University

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