Quantitative Evaluation of Solidification Brittleness of Weld Metal during Solidification by Means of In-Situ Observation and Measurement (Report I) : Development of the MISO Technique(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)

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A new technique named MISO technique to evaluate brittleness or ductility of solidifying weld metal has been invented, and its applicability has been studied in tensile hot cracking test for plain carbon steels, austenitic stainless steels and aluminum alloys, in which weld metal during solidification is photographed with microscope and high speed cinecamera, and the marks in the photographs due to ruggedness or structure on the weld metal surface are utilized as the reference points of the gage length to evaluate the strain or ductility. The MISO technique has given good reproducibility of the minimum ductility required to cause cracking (ε_<min>), if adequate range of the gage length has been adopted. The value of ε_<min> measured with the MISO technique has been fairly higher than that measured with the Trans-Varestraint test. However, ε_<min> measured with the MISO technique combined with the Trans-Varestraint test has given the similar value to that obtained with the MISO technique combined with the tensile hot cracking test. Ductility curve also has been well constructed, and thus the temperature showing ε_<min> has been easily revealed with the MISO technique.


  • Trans. JWRI

    Trans. JWRI 12, 65-72, 1983

    Osaka University

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