Metal Transfer Characteristics in Self-shielded Flux Cored Arc Welding for Mild Steel and 50kgf/mm^2 Class Tensile Steel (Report II) : Effects of Some Key Elements in Flux on Metal Transfer and Feasibility of Welding(Welding Physics, Process & Instrument)

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Effects of some key elements in flux on metal transfer and feasibility of welding in self-shielded flux cored arc welding for mild steel and 50kgf/mm^2 high tensile steel are studied by using a high speed cine photographic technique. Three types of wire of CaF_2-CaCO_3 flux, including Al, Mg and Al-Mg as killing agents, and other three wires including Ba, Na and CaCO_3 as additional minor elements in the CaF_2 flux using Al-Mg as killing agents, respectively, were examined with electrode positive polarity. With respect to the effect of killing agents, Al made the droplet size large compared with that by Mg. The spattering of droplet was conspicuously violent in the case of Mg killing agent. Addition of Ba resulted in the increase of droplet size and therefore the transfer of droplet was not regular. But it lowered the voltage limit of stabbing-in of electrode. On the other hand, addition of Na made the detaching of droplet rather smooth and regular by comparatively small size of droplet and increase in transfer frequency, and cosequently it made the allowance on optimum condition of welding wide.


  • Trans. JWRI

    Trans. JWRI 12(2), 75, 1983

    Osaka University

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