Properties of (Ti, Al) N films prepared by ion beam assisted deposition(Physics, Process, Instrument & Measurements)

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A study was performed to investigate the properties of (Ti, Al) N films prepared by ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD). The films were synthesized by depositing Ti and Al metal vapour under simultaneous bombardment with nitrogen ions in the energy range of 0.2-20keV with the N/(Ti+Al) transport ratio in the range of 0.2-1.0. The films were grown on Si(111) wafers at room temperature. From the result of x-ray diffraction and selected area electron diffraction, the crystalline structure of the (Ti_<0.7>Al_<0.3>) N films was found to be a metastable single-phase Bl-NaCl structure and the interplanar distance d_<200> decreased with increasing N/(Ti+Al) transport ratio. With a increase in Al content, (Ti_<0.2>Al_<0.8>) N films were found to have a wurtzite structure phases. The ion-beam-induced crystallization effects in the early stage of the single-phase (Ti_<0.7>Al_<0.3>) N film growth was also examined using transmission electron microscopy. Preliminary results were obtained for the samples prepared with 5- and 20-keV N ions with the transport ratio kept constant at 0.5, which suggest that the ion energy can significantly affect the crystallite growth but has less effects on the nucleation site density. The oxidation resistance at an elevated temperature was also examined. TiN films began to oxidize at a temperature of about 700℃ in air, whereas the (Ti, Al) N films did not oxidize at temperatures as high as 900℃.


  • Transactions of JWRI

    Transactions of JWRI 24(1), 31-37, 1995-07

    Osaka University


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