Studies on Solid State Reaction Bonding of Metal and Ceramic (Report I) : Bonding of Al-Mg alloy to ZrO_2 ceramic(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)

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The solid state reaction bonding of Al-Mg alloy (A5052) to ZrO_2 stabilized with CaO is studied. The reaction bonding was done by heating in vacuum (5×10^<-5>mm Hg) under a pressure (0.3-70Kg/cm^2). The bonding is impossible at 500℃ under no pressure even within 2hr. At a pressure of 0.3Kg/cm^2, the ZrO_2/A5052 joint bonded at 500℃ for 2hr showed a tensile strength of 6Kg/mm^2. The strength of bonded joints between ZrO_2 and A5052 increased respectively with the increase of the pressure, bonding temperature and bonding time. The bonding was greatly influenced mutually by these bonding conditions. Moreover, it is shown that the bonding process has three stages as follows ; (1) Initial stage of breaking of oxide film on alloy surface and the filling of Al-Mg Alloy into pores in ZrO_2. (2) Second stage of reaction of Mg, Al and SiO_2 in grain boundary part and the bond at grain boundary part. (3) Third stage of reaction of Mg, Al and ZrO_2 grain and the bond at the grain. Also, the bonding of Al (A1050) to ZrO_2 and the bonding of A5052 to other oxide ceramics are done.


  • Transaction JWRI

    Transaction JWRI 13, 41-46, 1984

    Osaka University

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