An Improved ISUM Rectangular Plate Element : Taking Account of Post-Ultimate Strength Behavior(Mechanics, Strength & Structural Design)

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In the framework of the Idealized Structural Unit Method (ISUM), a rectangular plate element has been developed. This element takes accout of bukling, post-buckling behavior and ultimate strength of the plate. After ultimate strength, the element predicts a constant carrying capacity in contrast with the decreasing carrying capacity of actual plates after they reach their ultimate strength. In the ultimate strength analysis of redundant structures, such as ships, highly loaded plate panels may reach their ultimate strength and exhibit considerable plastic deformation, thus losing a portion of their carrying capacity, before the whole structure reaches its ultimate strength. In this paper, an improved element is presented in which the effectiveness of the plate after buckling is expressed as a function of the total strain, and a new concept of strain hardening is introduced in evaluating the post-ultimate strength elastic-plastic stiffness matrix. In this way, after the element reaches its ultimate strength the reduction of plate strength with the increase of inplane displacement can be evaluated. Comparison of results of analysis by this improved element with those by the Finite Element Method indicates good accuracy of the new element in practical use.


  • Transactions of JWRI

    Transactions of JWRI 21(1), 93-107, 1992-06

    Osaka University


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