UNICEF/WHOの「母乳育児成功のための10ヵ条」の視点からみた関東6県における母乳育児の状況 : 第1報 : 母乳育児支援の現状  [in Japanese] Examination of breastfeeding with UNICEF/WHO "The ten steps to successful breastfeeding" at childbirth institutions of 6 prefectures in the Kantou area : Part I : A report on breastfeeding care  [in Japanese]




The purpose of this study was to examine breastfeeding care using UNICEF/WHO "The ten steps to successful breastfeeding". We sent the questionnaire to childbirth institutions in 6 prefectures of the Kanto area. 234 responses were analyzed and the results were as follows: 1. 86.0% of the pregnant women hoped to breast-feed and 99.8% of the childbirth institutions encouraged breastfeeding. 2. Breastfeeding rate was 50.5% on discharge day and 50.7% at first month check-up. 3. Generally, "Correct breastfeeding maneuvers" (Step 5) and "Breastfeeding education for pregnant women about" (Step 3) were practiced at more than 80% of the childbirth institutions. 4. "Perfect breastfeeding" (Step 6) was tried at 50% of the childbirth institutions. 5. More than 50% of the childbirth institutions did not practice "Initiating breastfeeding within 30 minutes after birth" (Step 4), "Support for continue breastfeeding" (Step 10), "Education of health-care stuff" (Step 2), "Clarifying the policy" (Step 1), "Breastfeeding on demand" (Step 8), "Rooming-in-allow mothers and infants to remain together-24 hours a day" (Step 7), and "No use of artificial teats" (Step 9). 6. Reconsideration for care toward routine practice i.e. "wiping the nipple before breastfeeding", "nipple massage" and "breast massage" were needed. We suggest encouraging breastfeeding care. And, we emphasize that to explain what result to become because "the ten steps to successful breastfeeding" is done or aren't do to the mothers.


  • Japanese journal of maternal health.

    Japanese journal of maternal health. 48(4), 496-504, 2008-01-01

    Japan Society of Maternal Health

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