HPLCによる血中プロトポルフィリン測定法の検討--標準液調製の協定と4施設での血液試料の測定結果の比較  [in Japanese] DETERMINATION OF PROTOPORPHYRINS IN BLOOD USING HPLC : Standardization of Protoporphyrins and Interlaboratory Comparison of Analyses  [in Japanese]



1) In order to compare the results of determination of protoporphyrin IX (PP) and zinc protoporphyrin IX (ZP) using HPLC, the preparation procedures for standard solutions of PP anp ZP were studied at four laboratories. According to the methods mutually agreeable to the four laboratories, the absorption values using UV-Vis spectrometer from the 4 laboratories were found to be identical. 2) The total of 28 whole blood samples obtained from the same workers whose Pb-B levels ranged from 2.9 to 87.9μg/dl were sent to the 4 laboratories for determination of PP and ZP. The laboratories were allowed to use their own HPLC apparatus, column, mobile phase and fluoro-metric detectors, although the same procedures were used to prepare the standard solutions of PP and ZP. The results showed that significant biases in ZP and PP levels were found between two out of the 4 laboratories, but the ZP values corrected by the recovery rate showed no statistical difference among the laboratories. 3) Blood levels of ZP, total protoporphyrin (TP, calculated by PP+ZP/1.1), and PP determined by HPLC method correlated well with free erythrocyte protoporphyrin (FEP) determined by the method of extraction into the acidic solvent. The correlation coefficients between Pb-B and log TP, ZP, FEP or PP were 0.82-0.84, 0.80-0.83, 0.786, or 0.70-0.73, respectively. 4) The coincident ratios of PP/TP obtained at 4 laboratories ranged from 12.1 to 19.0%. These values were within a relatively narrow range, although two different kinds of organic solvents (DMF:N',N'-dimethylformamide or Methanol/triton-X 100) were used in the extraction steps. 5) The determination of ZP or TP by HPLC method was useful as biological exposure indices (BEI) of lead exposure, because the standardization procedure is simple and the comparison with FEP levels is simple at each laboratory.


  • Japanese journal of industrial health

    Japanese journal of industrial health 34(3), p236-242, 1992-05

    Japan Society for Occupational Health

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