56(P21) ベトナム産Crescentia cujeteのイリドイドおよびその他の配糖体の成分研究(ポスター発表の部)  [in Japanese] 56(P21) Iridoids and Other Glycosides from Vietnamese Crescentia cujete  [in Japanese]

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The fruit of Crescentia cujete L. (Bignoniaceae) is used as a folk medicine (local name, DAO TIEN) in Vietnam as for expectorant, antitussive, laxative and stomachic. Previous studies on the constituents of the leaves of this plant revealed the isolation of naphthoquinones and iridoid glucosides. The fruits of C. cujete afforded 15 new compounds, three iridoid glucosides (6,8,9), five iridoids (7,11-14), two 3-hydroxyoctanol glycosides (16,17), three 2,4-pentanediol glycosides (18-20) and two 4-hydoroxy-2-pentanone glycosides (21,22), along with known compounds, ajugol (1), 6-O-p-hydroxybenzoylajugol (2), aucubin (3), 6-O-p-hydroxybenzoyl-6-epi-aucubin (4), 1-dehydroxy-3, 4-dihydroaucubigenin (5),(10), acanthoside D (15), benzoic acid glucosyl ester (23) and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (24). Structural elucidation of these compounds were carried out by means of chemical and spectral methods, especially using NMR spectroscopy including ^1H-^1H COSY, HSQC, HMBC and NOE technics.


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