OS2 JR東日本における新幹線高速化への取組み OS2 Challenge for Shinkansen Speed up at East Japan Railway Company




Since the establishment of the Shinkansen Speed-up Project in 2002, JR East has been developing various technologies seeking for world top level Shinkansen not only in operating speed but also in safety, environmental friendliness and riding quality. In this project, JR East has developed two high speed experimental train sets, Fastech360S and Fastech360Z. The technological target of Fastech360 is to realize 360km/h commercial operation. After a 2-year test running of them, JR East decided to increase the maximum operation speed of Tohoku Shinkansen from 275km/h to 320km/h. This paper describes the overview of the R&D project and the developed technologies, and the subjects to be solved for further speedup for the future as well.


  • 交通・物流部門大会講演論文集

    交通・物流部門大会講演論文集 2007.16(0), 33-36, 2007

    一般社団法人 日本機械学会