0929 Inverse FEMによる生体軟組織の異方性物性値同定(S05-1 生体のシミュレーション・モデリング・計測(1),S05 生体のシミュレーション・モデリング・計測)  [in Japanese] 0929 Transversely Isotropic Material Parameter Estimation for Soft Tissue Using Inverse FEM  [in Japanese]

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Mechanical simulations of soft biological tissue required proper material properties. In this study, we performed material parameter estimation of transversely isotropic incompressible hyperelastic model for soft tissue using Inverse FEM technique for the purpose of estimating in vivo material parameters. A set of material parameters were estimated from a cited stress-strain curvature of liver tissue as proper parameters. Then, cubic models with different fiber directions and the proper material parameters were compressed using FEM, and a loading force and internal distortions at some observation points. Finally, the estimated parameters by Inverse FEM were compared with the proper parameters. As the results, the parameter estimation strongly depended on the angle between the loading and fiber direction, and worked better when the loading direction was close to the diagonal of the fiber direction.


  • The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting

    The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting 2007.5(0), 159-160, 2007

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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