0945 In vivo人体筋からの生理・力学情報の非侵襲計測(S05-3 生体のシミュレーション・モデリング・計測(3),S05 生体のシミュレーション・モデリング・計測)  [in Japanese] 0945 Noninvasive Measurements on Physiological and Mechanical Information in Human Muscle in Viivo  [in Japanese]

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The present study aimed to determine and quantify mechanical deformation during contraction and physiological motor unit distribution in human muscles in vivo for usage in computer simulation. The parameters were non-invasively measured with magnetic resonance imaging systems using Cine Tagging and Dual-TE Fast spin echo sequences. The determined local deformation as well as strain distribution differed among the local positions in muscle, both of which were dependent on architectural layout of muscle fibers and aponeurosis. Additionally, different-threshold motor units mapped in three dimensional space had local difference of the distribution density. These measured results would remarkably contribute to develop high-definition human neuro-muscular model for computer simulation.


  • The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting

    The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting 2007.5(0), 191-192, 2007

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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