B1 小天体テザーサンプリングにおけるコアラー射出時のテザー挙動に関する研究  [in Japanese] B1 Dynamics Behavior of Tether during Corer Projection for Tethered Sampling  [in Japanese]

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Laboratory for Space Systems, Tokyo Institute of Technology and JAXA/ISAS have proposed tethered sampling method for future asteroid sample returning mission. The tethered sampling mission consists of three procedures: shooting a tethered sampler, a corer, at a high velocity, penetrating the corer into a surface and collecting soil inside, and reeling in the tether and retrieving the corer and soil. This paper reports a dynamics model of tethered corer and tether deployment experiments. The experiment results show validity of the model and effect of bobbin shapes and projection directions on corer and tether behavior which directly give guidelines to system design of corer projection.


  • The Proceedings of the Space Engineering Conference

    The Proceedings of the Space Engineering Conference 2007.16(0), 29-34, 2008

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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