Clinical efficacy of takushato, a Kampo (Japanese herbal) medicine, in the treatment of refractory dizziness and vertigo : Comparison between standard and triple dose



Dizziness and vertigo are uncomfortable and horrible symptoms for patients, but medical treatment has not yet been standardized for these conditions. Takushato (TX) is a Kampo formula which is useful for the treatment of dizziness and vertigo. Various doses have been used among physicians so far, but it is not clear if original recipe is effective enough for these conditions. So we conducted an exploratory comparative study of TX between standard dose (original recipe) and triple dose. Twenty patients who suffered from dizziness and vertigo who were resistant to medical treatment by modem medicines were randomly assigned to one of two doses of TX. After 4 weeks of treatment, subjective symptoms and objective data including Romberg's test and the gaze-evoked nystagmus test were assessed and compared with the status before treatment. Treatment by TX significantly improved subjective symptoms of dizziness and vertigo in the standard dose group. In the triple dose group, treatment by TX also showed a trend toward improvement of dizziness and vertigo. Regarding as accessory symptoms and objective otological examinations, treatment by TX significantly improved them in both the standard dose and triple dose groups, but significant difference was not observed between these two groups. No adverse effect was noted in any enrolled case. These results suggest that both doses TX are useful for refractory dizziness and vertigo, and that TX is a hopeful therapeutic option for medical treatment of vestibular dysfunction.


  • Journal of traditional medicines

    Journal of traditional medicines 26(2), 68-73, 2009-04-20

    Medical and Pharmaceutical Society for WAKAN-YAKU

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