W-13 Research on Characteristic and Professionalized Development of University Continuing Engineering Education





It has become a development trend of International education that universities develop continuing engineering education, which provides various learning opportunities with high quality, meets requirements of renewing and enriching knowledge for people, and promotes higher education to enter into lifelong education system. Researching characteristic and professional development ways of university continuing engineering education has positive significance for building lifelong education system. Recently, continuing engineering education of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) developed programs which faced aerospace system and constructing industry. Based on theory and practice of continuing engineering education at HIT and careful analysis for characteristic and professional connotation, this paper studies establishing basis of characteristic and professional strategies, and reaches a conclusion that university continuing education will have more development space through enriching and improving characteristics of continuing engineering education according to social requirements, professionally operating and managing continuing engineering education according to market requirements, and increasing competitive strength and emergency abilities of continuing engineering education.


  • JSEE Annual Conference International Session Proceedings

    JSEE Annual Conference International Session Proceedings 2009(0), 66-71, 2009