W-04 Curriculum Development for Competent Graduates




    • Pumwa John
    • Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, PNG University of Technology


The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Papua New Guinea University of Technology has been offering the program of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering to the students of Papua New Guinea and other South Pacific countries since the year of 1973. In order to produce competent graduates for both national and international labor markets, the curriculum has been revised several times in last few years. In the review conducted in 1995, some engineering subjects were replaced by other engineering ones that were considered more relevant and important to our students. Considering the fact that the majority of our students come from villages where they have little exposure to mechanical devices, the review in 2000 introduced two first year subjects designed to give students basic understanding of mechanical engineering. The review in 2002 was characterized by reducing contact hours of engineering subjects to accommodate subjects in the areas of business and management. A thorough curriculum review known as Curriculum Optimization Exercises is currently underway which emphasizes student centered learning. The systematic methodology of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is employed in the exercises. The paper summarizes the curriculum reviews and analyses them against the accreditation criteria of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), USA.


  • JSEE Annual Conference International Session Proceedings

    JSEE Annual Conference International Session Proceedings 2009(0), 28-31, 2009