B05 ボールエンドミル加工における工具姿勢と加工精度に関する実験的研究(OS-6 切削加工(1))  [in Japanese] B05 Experimental Research on Relationship between the Tool orientation and the Machining Accuracy in the Ball-nosed End Milling  [in Japanese]

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In order to level up the 3D complex shape machining for the metal mold and die, the machining simulation which can be considered the contact point or relative angle between the workpiece and machining tool is useful. In this study we has been developed the technique which calculates the interference quantity of the cutting edge and the workpiece for the ball-nosed end milling. In this report the new machining test method at any tool orientation used by 3axis controlled machine tool is presented, and the relationship between machining accuracy and the tool orientation and the cutting force is discussed.


  • The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference

    The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference 2008.7(0), 35-36, 2008

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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