B31 加速度・速度・流量フィードバックによる鉄道台車の鉛直空気ばねの制御(OS12 フルードパワーの基礎と応用)  [in Japanese] B31 Active Control of Vertical Vibration of Pneumatic Air Spring For Rail Train using Acceleration, Velocity and Flow Rate Feedbacks  [in Japanese]

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The air spring for railway vehicle is usually passively controlled using a leveling (height control) valve with a sub tank to suppress the vibration of vertical direction. There are demands to reduce the space and to improve the controllability of the air spring for rail trains. In this research, the vibration of an air spring for railway vehicle is actively controlled by a pneumatic servo system. We proposed an active control method using an acceleration sensor, a relative displacement sensor, a laminar type flow sensor having high dynamic characteristics and a spool type servo valve. The flow sensor was used for linearization of the spool type servo valve. We applied the proposed method to a real air spring for railway vehicle having a mass of 800[kg]. The experiments were carried out for several frequencies especially at near the resonance frequencies and for several amplitudes of sinusoidal vibration given by a hydraulic driven vibration exciter. The results were compared with that of the passive control. The effectiveness of the proposed method was confirmed experimentally.


  • The Proceedings of the Symposium on the Motion and Vibration Control

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on the Motion and Vibration Control 2009.11(0), 470-473, 2009

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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