2A2-B02 全方向包み込み式なじみグリッパ : 把持応答性向上を目指した各種方法 2A2-B02 Morphing Omnidirectional Gripper: "Morphing Omni-Gripper" with Function of Phase-Change Grasping : The Methods to Make the Performance of the Grasping Speed Higher



This paper describes the morphing omnidirectional gripper which is able to grasp various objects with low melting point alloy. The deformable part of the gripper changes its shape by covering all directionof objects and makes the contacting area higher. In order to keep the high grasping force, proposed gripper does not need any additional energy thanks to the solid state of the deformable part including low melting point alloy. The design of the actual prototype model with cooling mechanism is shown and built. In addition, the usage of functional fluids for the morphing part is proposed. The basic performance of the blended material of low melting point alloy and magnetic fluid has been observed.


  • ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集

    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2009(0), _2A2-B02_1-_2A2-B02_2, 2009

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