S1108-3-4 QCMによる潤滑油添加剤の吸着挙動測定に関する研究([S1108-3]卒業研究コンテスト(3))  [in Japanese] S1108-3-4 Measurements ofAdsorption Behavior of Lubricant Additive by Quartz Crystal Microbalance  [in Japanese]

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Formation of adsorption layer on sliding surface causes important roles for the friction and wear of materials under lubrication with additives. In this study, we have applied the Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) for the in-situ monitoring of adsorption phenomena. The QCM is a sensitive mass measuring method of applying an inverse piezoelectric effect. As a result of the experiments, we confirmed that the QCM method was effective for the in-situ adsorption behavior monitoring. In addition, we measured friction coefficient by using a pendulum friction tester and investigated the relation between the friction and adsorption behavior by changing the lubricating temperature conditions. Obvious changes were shown both in the adsorption and the friction behavior at a temperature of 60℃. which was a desorption temperature ofoleic acid.


  • The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting

    The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting 2010.4(0), 47-48, 2010

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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