W103 燐光を用いた温度速度分布同時計測法(EFD ワークショップ:粒子による計測,ワークショップ1)  [in Japanese] W103 Combined Phosphor Thermometry and Velocimetry of Fluid Flow  [in Japanese]

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The Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) has been a strong tool for the experimental fluid dynamics. However, measuring temperature field in a wide temperature range, at a high pressure condition and so on. Especially, there are few methods to visualize temperature in a gaseous flow. A purpose of the present study is to develop a combined temperature and velocity measurement of a fluid flow applicable to any working fluids, in the wide temperature range and in any spatial scales. The proposed method needs a high-speed camera, a single-pulsed ultra-violet laser and temperature sensitive particles. This report introduces a basic concept of the proposed method, a measured temperature and velocity field of an oil-flow. The uncertainty of measured temperature was about 0.4℃. In addition, a surface temperature map and the temperature and velocity field in an engine were measured by using the proposed method. The surface temperature was successfully measured with accuracy of -2.5〜1.0℃.


  • The Proceedings of the Fluids engineering conference

    The Proceedings of the Fluids engineering conference 2010(0), 603-606, 2010

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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