1A2-D08 自律型無人ヘリコプタの環境適応旋回 1A2-D08 Environmental Adaptive Turning for an Autonomous Unmanned Helicopter




Adaptation to the environmental changes, such as wind, has very important role to improve the reliability of an autonomous unmanned helicopter. Adaptive yaw (heading) control for an autonomous helicopter is discussed in this paper. The control structure is based on a hierarchal scheme utilizing an inner yaw feedback control loop plus an outer feedback loop, which estimates the direction of the airspeed using roll angle and roll angular rate. Stable coupling in yaw and roll motion is induced by the proposed controller to improve the stability of the helicopter's flight. Turning utilizing the proposed adaptive control system is discussed in particular. Results of flight experiments showed bifurcation of the helicopter's maneuvering in turning occurs depending on the airspeed. The results indicate that the autonomous unmanned helicopter can select a turning maneuver that is suitable for the environment and thus stabilizes its flight.


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