20610 DBDプラズマアクチュエータを用いた噴流の制御(一般講演 プラズマ・高速流)  [in Japanese] 20610 Jet Flow Controlled by DBD Plazma Actuator  [in Japanese]

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A dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma actuator has been investigated as a device of fluid by many laboratories. In this study, we try to use it in jet fluids for mixing control. In order to achieve mixing enhancement of jet flow, we focus on two parameters, voltage and frequency of plasma actuator, to examine how induced velocity and turbulence occur. As a result of measuring induced velocity and taking pictures of influenced jet flow, induced velocity tend to increase when voltage is around 6kV and decrease after 6kV, the more turbulence increase, the more jet flow diffuse, has been clarified.


  • The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2010.16(0), 201-202, 2010

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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