B2 改革プログラムのための技術経営に関わる人的資源配置問題の考察(戦略経営研究トラック,「P2Mミッション達成型プロジェクト・プログラムマネジメント」-東日本大震災と福島原発事故の検証-)  [in Japanese] B2 Fundamental Study on Human Resource Allocation for Technology Management associated with Business Innovation Program  [in Japanese]

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In a corporate innovation program, the alignment of required technologies and available human resources is the key part of the corporate reengineering. Every corporate innovation has to revolutionize its business model. When the business model changes, the quality and the amount of the technology and the human resources needed in enterprise change. In this paper, the authors disclose the successful implication of the widely used "Pinch Technology" to the technology and human resource management based on the study of rationale for the generic task assignment problem. Additionally, the authors propose a strategic planning procedure for the said management.


  • Proceedings of International Association of P2M

    Proceedings of International Association of P2M 2011.Spring(0), 104-113, 2011

    International Association of P2M


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