An Adventure around Educational Methods : Teachers' Explorations for Application of Dramatic Activities

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Over the past five and a half years starting in 2006, forty practitioners at a research group Kakutokugata Kyoiku Kenkyukai have worked toward reform in educational methodology. The purposes of their research have been to enable students to gain embodied learning experience, and to deepen and enrich their learning by introducing dramatic activities to learning in subject areas. Due to the scarcity of research existing in Japan on application of dramatic activities as tools of learning, the group research projects can be deemed pioneering work. The outcomes of the research have been published in three books. One deals with the results of theoretical research. A model of acquisition-oriented learning consisting of four elements-research work, discussion/debate, presentation, and drama work-is proposed in this book along with a model of teacher training programs. The other two books cover areas of research on practice. They argue for incorporating sixteen dramatic activities and seventy activities for warming up, as well as suggest an insight into the ways engagement in these activities can improve teachers' expertise. A total of eighty-six activities have been selected for these books after trying a variety of activities in actual classrooms to verify their effectiveness. Such pioneering research has been made possible owing to the group's efforts and enthusiasm. The members have shared the same sense of mission to bring forth reform in Japanese classrooms. They have had a common perspective of their research, and a creative community of discourse has been established among the members. The members have also started giving open lessons and workshops across Japan for promotion of their research outcomes and for self-training.


  • Educational Studies in Japan

    Educational Studies in Japan 6(0), 33-45, 2011

    Japanese Educational Research Association


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