CMSを活用した映画によるコミュニケーション指導教材の開発  [in Japanese] Teaching Communication Through the Use of Films and CMS  [in Japanese]

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The purpose of this paper is to show that a series of short segments taken from one commercial film can be successfully utilized to teach oral communication and that the use of Course Management System (CMS) can greatly facilitate the learning process. Although films are often used in language classes, mainly for their motivational effect on learners, film-based college English textbooks designed to teach oral communication are still limited, and, for most teachers, the use of films, such as in film-based dictation exercises, only plays a minor and supplementary role in the oral communication classroom. In this study, a film-based oral communication textbook, based on a functional syllabus, was developed from the film "Ghost." Important characteristics of the main activities and curriculum organizing principles are described in detail, and the results of actual implementation are discussed, based on data from lesson observations and questionnaires. The results of the listening tests suggest that the use of films can improve learners' listening comprehension. The results of the learners' evaluation of the class reveal that the use of CMS significantly increased their motivation and interest in the class. Finally, the study suggests the combination of film-based English textbooks and CMS should be further explored.


  • Teaching English through movies : ATEM journal

    Teaching English through movies : ATEM journal 15(0), 15-26, 2010

    The Association for Teaching English through Movies


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