DVDの英語教育機器としての将来性について  [in Japanese] Future prospects of English Teaching through DVD technology  [in Japanese]

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To the dawn of the 21St century, advancement of science and technology has brought English education a number of educational aids. Taking place of old standbys like VHS, LD, and CD, the digital versatile disk (DVD hereafter) has appeared as a new and effective instrument. This paper intends to explore the future prospects of English teaching through DVD, which is far more useful than the other previous educational aids. Five functions of DVD utilization are explained so as to take advantage of DVD in teaching English through movies. As research on DVD as an educational aid has only started, a paucity of studies on teaching English via DVD is evident. Therefore I'm sure this study will be very helpful for researchers in their studies on effective English teaching through DVD and English education.


  • Teaching English through movies : ATEM journal

    Teaching English through movies : ATEM journal 6(0), 45-52, 2001

    The Association for Teaching English through Movies


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