Using DVD with the textbook : 文部科学省検定済みの教科書、シラバスの中での工夫を求めて : 実践記録  [in Japanese] Using DVDs with the Textbook  [in Japanese]

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In this paper, I deal with how we can use DVDs in the classroom in the most appropriate way. In doing so, we can enrich our teaching method and improve the students' language skills. I especially focused on the 'using DVDs with the textbook' which is now regarded as one of the most important things for students to acquire new knowledge. DVD is a device to offer/give experience to students. From this point of view, I wrote this paper, and present one of the many ways to use DVDs with the textbook. I also show some results of the test. In the research, I chose two out of 10 classes in the same grade. By using DVDs and giving them examination after watching, I checked their knowledge of new words and phrases. Comparing the test results shows the significance of using DVDs in the class. We tend to think that we can give students listening lessons by using DVDs. But DVDs are not only for students to have listening lessons but also to give them experience of the English-speaking world. They can jump off the textbook and have chances to touch the world. I wrote this paper from this standpoint from the beginning to the end.


  • Teaching English through movies : ATEM journal

    Teaching English through movies : ATEM journal 8(0), 17-29, 2003

    The Association for Teaching English through Movies


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