Streptomyces sp. S-84株のキチナーゼ生産と糸状菌細胞壁分解  [in Japanese] Chitinase production and role in fungal cell wall degradation in Streptomyces sp. S-84  [in Japanese]

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土壌から分離された放線菌Streptomyces sp. S-84株は,キチンや糸状菌(Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. batatas NIAES5115株におよびF. oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum NIAES5117株)細胞壁を基質とした培地でキチナーゼを誘導的に生産した。N-アセチルグルコサミンは単独的ではキチナーゼ生産を誘導しなかったが,キチン培地に添加した場合には,キチナーゼ生産を顕著に促進させた。一方,キチン培地にグルコース(0.3%)を添加するとキチナーゼBの生産が抑制された。糸状菌(NIAES5115株)細胞壁を唯一の炭素源としてS-84株を培養したところ,キチナーゼBが誘導的に生産され,この酵素が糸状菌細胞壁分解に関与していると考えられた。

Streptomyces sp. S-84, which was isolated from soil, produced a large amount of chitinase inductively in the medium containing chitin or fungal cell walls (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. batatas NIAES 5115 and F. oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum NIAES 5117) as a sole carbon source. Although N-acetylglucosamine did not induce the production of chitinase independently, the addition of the sugar into the chitin medium enhanced the enzyme production markedly. The production of chitinase B was considerably inhibited, when glucose (0.3 %) was added into the culture on the chitin medium. When cultured on the fungal cell wall medium, the strain produced chitinase B inductively, suggenting that the enzyme played a major role in the degradation of the fungal cell walls.


  • Soil Microorganisms

    Soil Microorganisms 38(0), 17-23, 1991

    Japanese Society of Soil Microbiology


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