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We report herein two pediatric cases of influenza virus infection associated with acute appendicitis. Patient 1 was a 6-year-old girl. She presented to hospital with a high fever and received oral administration of oseltamivir phosphate. On the third day from the onset, tenderness developed in the right lower area at McBurney's point. Abdominal enhanced computed tomography( CT) showed intestinal fecalith, and acute appendicitis was subsequently diagnosed. Antibiotic therapy was performed, and abdominal pain and inflammation data improved. Patient 2 was a 5-year-old girl. On the first day, abdominal pain developed. On the third day from the onset, influenza type B was diagnosed using rapid antigen testing of the nasal mucosa, and inhalation therapy was started with zanamivir. Rebound tenderness was seen in the lower right abdomen. Abdominal CT showed both hypertrophy of the appendix wall and intestinal fecalith, and influenza infection associated with acute appendicitis was subsequently diagnosed. On the fourth day, appendectomy was performed. Drainage treatment was required to prevent peri-appendicitis abscess. On the fifth day, the patient defervesced and, as for the progress, was favorable. When encountering influenza infection associated with abdominal pain, performing abdominal CT is important.


  • Dokkyo journal of medical sciences

    Dokkyo journal of medical sciences 41(2), 173-176, 2014-07-25


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