P2M支援ICTプラットフォームの構築に向けた要件調査 Requirements Survey for Constructing an ICT Platform Supporting the P2M





Aiming at the standardization and making more spread of the P2M concepts, the author carried out requirements survey for the ICT platform supporting the P2M. The author carried out requirements survey for the platform promoting the formation of community and integration of the program and moreover hearing survey to P2M experts concerning the utilization of the platform. Requirement items for the P2M supporting platform using ICT were studied based on these surveys. Consequently, contents sharing program architecture were constructed on the web, sub contents carrying out various analyses or information sharing were connected based on these and furthermore implementation image making possible progress of the program or information registration according to hierarchy of members were derived. In future, prototyping of the ICT system will be made and more concrete requirement items be made up based on the survey results.


  • 国際P2M学会誌

    国際P2M学会誌 8(2), 109-121, 2014

    一般社団法人 国際P2M学会