WTO体制下における中国蚕糸業の展開と日本への対応  [in Japanese] Development of a Chinese Sericulture Industry under WTO Organization and its Correspondence to Japan  [in Japanese]

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In this paper, the development of a Chinese sericulture industry under WTO organization and its policy correspondence to both the WTO organization and the case of Japan in Chinese sericulture industry are analyzed. With the affiliation of China to the WTO, the situation of the Chinese sericulture industry is changed sharply, and change of the situation in the international market is increasingly affecting the Chinese sericulture industry. In response, China has performed a series of corresponding policy accommodations to the WTO organization to preserve stable production of silk products and improve China's competitive power in the international market of these products. Therefore, improving the quality of the cocoon, the raw silk and the other silk products is expected and export expansion is also being aimed at. Finally, export expansion to Japan, which is an important market for high quality Chinese silk products, is also being aimed at.


  • The Agricultural Marketing Journal of Japan

    The Agricultural Marketing Journal of Japan 13(2), 111-114, 2004

    The Agricultural Marketing Society of Japan


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