1A1-R08 蚊の下唇を模倣した穿刺ガイドの作製とその評価(バイオミメティクス・バイオメカトロニクス(1)) 1A1-R08 Fabrication and Evaluation of Guide Tool for Inserting Needles to Skin Imitating Mosquito's Labium(Bio-Mimetics and Bio-Mechatronics(1))




The mosquito proboscis is good model for medical painless needle. It consists of 7 parts, which are labrum, two maxillas, two mandibles, pharynx, and labium. Among them, labrum and two maxillas play important role of inserting proboscis to skin. Three paired silicon microneedles are fabricated: one is central straight needle imitating labrum, others are side jagged needles imitating maxillas. However, they are easily buckled and broken due to their fairly thinness. We noticed mosquito's labium, which supports other 6 parts, and prevents them from buckling/breakage. A guide tool for needle insertion is proposed and fabricated, which is made of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) rubber sheet and is machined a narrow groove. Through the groove, three needles are inserted to the skin. Even if they are buckled, the sidewall of groove supports them at contact points, preventing them from breakage.


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